The NBA Finals are upon us and this basketball showdown signifies one thing: there’s only a few more months before the start of football season.

Of course, not every team can make it to the big show and even though some may have come close, others never really had a shot. Consider some of these factors that may have put your team in the latter group.

1. They gave up 10 turnovers because of untied shoelaces.

2. They keep trying to pinch hit on third down.

3. The coach tried to motivate his team by firing a pistol at the players’ feet.

4. They were short on guys because some of the players had to work the nacho stand the same night as the game.

5. They thought bouncing the ball off the backboard was worth a point.

6. The person on the court with your team’s highest shooting percentage was the mascot.

7. They’re the Charlotte Bobcats.

8. They didn’t give enough money to the mob to help the refs fix the game.

9. Their jerseys are really just potato sacks with arm and head holes cut out of them.

10. Turns out that Terrell Owens had a contract with them as well but never showed up to play.

11. The team couldn’t make a key game because it was scheduled the same time as their SATs.

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