The Milwaukee Bucks, the number one overall seed in the NBA Playoffs now find themselves down 0-2 to the 5th seeded Miami Heat after Wednesdays 116-114 loss.

The loss wasn't without some controversy as the Bucks fought their way back after a lackluster first quarter which saw them trail by nine points early. Other than that Milwaukee won every quarter but it wasn't enough.

The controversy began late in the fourth with the Bucks trailing 114-111 and we were all wondering who was going to take the three-pointer to potentially tie the game. That person was Bucks forward Khris Middleton and this happened via Kory Waldron of "Off the Glass" on Twitter:

Most were shaking their head and questioning the call by the official of a foul call of Heat's Goran Dragic on Middleton's three attempt. I'm here to tell you, that absolutely was a foul and a terrific/gutsy call by the referee in that spot. By definition of the rule, you can not impact the landing zone of an airborne shooter and you can't push your body up underneath an airborne player. This is speaking from experience as I've been a high school referee for five years now and that's exactly what you're taught to look for.

Now, conversely, on the final possession of the game where Jimmy Butler takes this fadeaway baseline jumper, was this truly a foul? (Via Barstool Bets)

From my point of view and in my opinion, I don't think this play warranted a foul call as Giannis Antetokounmpo's soft touch to the side of Jimmy Butler impacted the shot or his landing whatsoever.

For context, let's look back at plays in recent NBA history that were really fouls that weren't called either in the final moments of games or just in general (Via NiTringo on YouTube)


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