Walking Dead is the TV show that has many fans obsessed over zombies. I'm not up to speed on all the Zombie lingo, but I do know I want to be prepared if and when the Zombies to come.

First, my Zombie IQ is very low, but I am learning from my co-workers who are Zombie aficionados. It will depend on what kind of Zombie you are dealing with. Let's say these are Zombies in the realm of George A. Romero from Night of the Living Dead.

These are the foot-draggers with no special powers or motivation.

I've been thinking about places to hide in Shreveport Bossier and I was struggling with my list. But I consulted Matt Parker, Greg Atoms and Jay Whatley (the Zombie experts at the radio station).

In no particular order, here's our list of the best spots in the local area to hide from Zombies:

1. The Basement at Byrd High School

This might be a scary spot for some, but it has so many secret spots to hunker down in. You could also sneak into the kitchen to get some food if you needed more supplies.

2. Louisiana Rose Center

Amanda Currier photo

Some say the chapel at the Rose Center would be a good spot to hide from the Zombies. It's way out in a secluded area. The Chapel is tucked away among the roses. You might be able to survive the Zombies here.

3. Basement at Municipal Auditorium

Google Earth

It would be tough for the Zombies to get down to the basement and there are several secret spots down there. But Greg says it would be tough for you to get out once the Zombies breach the threshold.

4. Roof of the American Tower

This is one of those spots that could keep you safe for awhile. The Zombies would have a tough time getting to the top of the tower. You could also escape to the lower floors to find a hiding spot if necessary.

5. Fort Humbug

The National Guard Armory at Youree and Stoner has several spots that would be a pretty good place to hide from the Zombies. Humbug also has a company of boats, marine vehicles, and rescue units you could use to hide out in.

6. Phoenix Underground


Jay Whatley says this is definitely the spot where he's going. He says there is only one elevator to get into the club. He would turn the elevator off and hunker down. He says the club has food and drinks and you could probably survive for quite some time. But Greg says this is a bad idea. He says it's a kill box. You are stuck. When you are out of food and they are at the top of the elevator shaft, where do you go?

7. Deja Vu Hustler Club

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Matt says this is where he's going if the Zombies surround our city. He says they have food and drinks and there won't be that many people there during the middle of the day. He says the club has plenty of entrances and exits and multiple layers of security. He also says it has several private rooms where you could lock yourself in. Greg says "if it's short term, this is a great spot." He says no windows at Deja Vu is also a big plus.

8. Top of Louisiana Downs Racetrack

Harrah's Louisiana Downs

This is the spot that would give you a great bird's eye view so you could see way in advance if the Zombies are headed your way. The track has food and beverages and hundreds of secret places to hide.

9. Shreveport Convention Center 

Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

This is where I'm going if the Zombies are approaching the city. This complex has so many great hiding spots inside the building. You also have the parking garage and the Hilton as exits it needed. The facility has food and lots of other supplies you might need.

10. Buzzard island on Cross Lake

Erin McCarty

This is where one of my Zombie experts Greg Atoms is going.  It's far enough away and you have the advantage of having water between you and them. Greg says he would build some sort of structure on the island. Matt says this is not his top choice because he doesn't have a boat to get there. Jay Whatley says he, too, would avoid going out to the island because "it’s not a very comfortable spot to be. There’s virtually no walking space much less living space, so if the zombie invasion lasts 30 minutes you’ll be ok, but within no time you would be so uncomfortable that you would rather be gobbled up by a zombie."