There are many positions throughout sports that many of us would think, "Damn, I can't believe that guy gets paid THAT much just to do THAT."

This positions would be considered unique and you might think that the guys playing those positions aren't that athletic, maybe they don't have to do all that much, they get paid to work out, they get paid to hold a clipboard, they get paid just to sit on the bench, etc.

For the most part, you're right, which makes all of these positions unique to professional sports and there aren't many of these positions available for athletes to occupy.

Now, some of these positions guys barely even play and it's not to say they wouldn't rather be seeing more playing time but it's just the position they find themselves in.

There isn't just one sport that has a unique position, it's actually a bunch of them that employ players that are basically there "just in case".

So, with that being said, let's get into the most obscure positions in all of professional sports.

10 Most Obscure Positions in Sports


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