There's nothing better than a bad horror flick.  That's the great thing about horror, the movie could be absolutely terrible but you always find an excuse to keep watching.

Sometimes it's the gore in a bad movie that keeps us watching.  Most of the time though, it's the babes. Everyone knows that if you're going to watch a bad slasher flick -- odds are, you'll also see some hot girl's boobs, too. That's why we've put together this list of TERRIBLE horror movies with INCREDIBLY hot chicks.


First up is the classic 'Leprechaun.'  If you haven't managed to see this gem from the early '90s, you've truly missed out. 'Leprechaun' follows an "evil, sadistic leprechaun" as he goes on a killing spree trying to find his pot of gold. Before she became Rachel on 'Friends,' Jennifer Aniston appeared on screen defending herself from this sadistic leprechaun. Watching Jennifer Aniston run away from a little green man is reason enough for us to watch this again.


Bride of Chucky

We love ' Bride of Chucky,' but mostly because Jennifer Tilly's cleavage is a co-star of the film.  If you're not aware of the serial-killer-possessed-child-toy "Chucky," then you must've been living under a rock since the '80s.  In 'Bride of Chucky,' Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) reunites herself with her dead, serial-killer ex-boyfriend Charles Lee Ray--or Chucky.  After a slight mishap (Chucky electrocutes Tiffany in the bathtub with a TV), Tiffany finds her spirit trapped in a female doll.  The demented doll duo then search for the perfect human hosts to transfer their spirits back to human form. *sigh*  This is a love story at its finest.


Zombie Strippers

Adult film icon Jenna Jameson makes her non-porn film debut in the amazing zombie flick, 'Zombie Strippers.' How does one make a zombie stripper?  By accidentally contaminating a local strip club with a deadly, experimental virus from the government, that's how! When this virus finds its way into "the hottest nightclub in Nebraska," it makes for one of the most amazingly bad horror films we've ever seen.


I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

You can't mention bad '90s slasher flicks without mentioning the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' franchise.  We particularly like the part in the films where Jennifer Love Hewitt spins around in a circle screaming "I'm right here!" while her boobs hang out of her shirt.  What's the difference between the first film and the second?  Well, in 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,' she's spinning around, boobs out, screaming "I'm right here!" in the rain.  That's right.  She's soaking wet in a white t-shirt.


Urban Legend

Remember when Tara Reid was a legitimate actress?  Neither do we, but she thought she was!  There are plenty of hot girls in 'Urban Legend,' but Tara nearly falls out of her top whenever she's on screen! Of course, it's understandable. We'd like to see you control yourself while the students of Pendleton University are being killed via the urban legends they've been learning about in their Intro to Folklore class!


Hatchet II

If you want to watch a horror film with "buckets and buckets of blood" then 'Hatchet II' is the film for you!  No only does it star the super sexy horror icon Danielle Harris, but it also shows more of America's newest slasher, Victor Crowley.  Victor Crowley is a swamp dwelling monster who stalks victims in the bayou around his home.  In 'Hatchet II' Marybeth (Danielle Harris) returns to the swamp with a group of hunters and gunmen to put an end to Victory Crowley's madness once and for all.



'Boardinghouse: Where the rent won't kill you, but something else will.'  With a tagline like that, you can't miss this movie.  If you want to see an absolutely terribly made/low budget horror-- you have to check out 'Boardinghouse.'  This movie is the definition of "so bad, it's good." The best part of the whole thing is the amount of naked chicks throughout the film.  Is all that nudity necessary?  Absolutely.


Sorority Row

After a harmless prank goes terribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters must cover up the murder of their house-sister. The sisters think they've gotten away with it, but suddenly find themselves being picked off one by one by a mysterious serial-killer.  This plot sounds familiar.  Maybe it should be called 'I Know What You Did With Your Theta Pi Sisters Last Semester.' Hey, who comes up with original ideas these days anyway?  At least this film is filled with tons of eye candy.  Sure, the plot sounds lame--but we love to watch a bunch of undergrads run around in their underwear. Oh, look! Rumer Willis is in it too.


Cheerleader Camp

'Cheerleader Camp' is a classic '80s camp horror film that you need to see. You would think a camp filled with young attractive cheerleaders would be safe in the middle of the woods, but apparently not.  Don't worry girls!  Leif Garrett will keep you safe!
P.S. This film is also known as "Bloody Pom Poms."


Cabin Fever 2

It's prom, and the students attending the soiree are in for a magical night filled with bloody vomit and popping boils.  Yum.  After drinking locally bottled water, the students become infected with a deadly flesh-eating virus.  Alexi Wasser somehow manages to remain hot throughout the whole thing.  It's a good thing Wasser is so hot, because we could hardly sit through this disgusting movie.  It was awesome.

What are some of your favorite terrible horror flicks with hot chicks?

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