It appears that all of the zombie stories we’ve been hearing over the past month or so are now branching out from humans. The apocalypse has spread to food… McDonald’s in particular. Not that we’re totally surprised. And of course, like a water-stained piece of wood, someone decided to throw the proof on eBay.

No, it’s not what you think. McDonald’s food isn’t turning people into zombies. It merely looks like a zombie, a death zombie to be exact. As proof, from a posting on eBay, someone is selling a McDonalds Chicken McNugget for $2.75 that looks like “death/zombie.”

Good news! There’s free economy shipping from Brick, NJ. Congratulations to the lucky bidders. Yes, there have been bidders. Nine to be exact. This is the message given by the seller:

This is the chicken McNugget I recently acquired from McDonalds. I was about to eat it, when I noticed it had an uncanny resemblance to the undead, from its sunken in eyes, to it’s gritty little, half-exposed teeth, and sinus cavity. It even appears to have a cross of bone near the throat, which would be the appropriate place for the larynx and collar bone. After that…I lost my appetite.”

Should you decide to make the purchase you should know there are no returns or exchanges. Once you buy the zombie-nugget you must keep it!

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