I know some of you may have read the title and thought wrestling that's fake or wrestling I don't care. And look I used to be one of you until I began appreciating the sports entertainment company of WWE and the wrestling company of AEW. It could be said that wrestling is experiencing a new renaissance. And one man that is partially responsible is Cody Rhodes the former Executive Vice President of AEW now WWE Superstar.

Well on Sunday night at the WWE PPV Hell In A Cell, we saw Cody Rhodes wrestle through a gruesome injury. However, this wasn't a little bump or sprain no this was a serious injury he battled through. Rhodes wrestled Seth Rollins with a fully torn right pectoral tendon.

(The image below is grotesque)

This was easily one of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen. And to double down, it was one of the toughest things I've ever seen done by an athlete. Rhodes wasn't battling a slouch either. He was going against one of the best wrestlers in the world Seth Rollins. And credit to Rollins for making this such a good match with Cody.

WWE and Rhodes got the response they wanted. Because when he entered the arena he was covered but the moment he took off his robe/jacket the crowd went completely silent in awe that this man was about to compete.

My girlfriend and I grimaced every time he took a shot to that arm. Every fall, every punch, and every takedown felt worse and worse from the couch, so imagine how Rhodes felt. He stated after the match to the crowd that no one in WWE forced him to do this, this 100% was his own decision. Now whether or not we agree on if he should've wrestled, one thing we can agree on is that this man is a badass and he cares so much about wrestling and the fans. He tweeted after the match that it was for the love of the game. One thing of note is that when you have an injury like Rhodes, supposedly it can't get worse it's just about can the individual deal with the pain and he did.

For Rhodes and Rollins to put on that type of performance, all you can say is bravo. This match was so entertaining that it not only made me more interested in wrestling but now my girlfriend is as well. For those who used to be big fans trust me when I say it's time to come back. Because with performers like Cody Rhodes the WWE and wrestling are in an amazing new era.

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