After a couple of years of middle-of-the-road performances, and public arguments with management, the WWE has come to terms with Superstar Emma to release her from her contract.

In 2012, when WWE debuted their NXT brand, Emma was one of the faces of their female division, competing for the NXT women's title, and being a main feature in story lines. In 2014 they moved her to the main WWE roster, and used her in comedic roles until 2015 when she returned to NXT in a heel (villain) capacity. From that point, she began to excel beyond her previous roles.

However Emma never truly broke through. She never racked up any major wins, dealt with multiple injuries, and was given gimmicks that lasted only weeks at a time. She also only appeared on one pay-per-view in a singles match, which happened to be this past weekend.

Emma has performed on the independent circuit in the past, and will likely return to the indies. She will likely find immediate success at that level with her pedigree, and physical skills.


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