Right now, it's a great time to be a wrestling fan. You have some great action happening in Ring of Honor and New Japan. Some of the best talent ever is currently working for WWE and NXT. No matter where you look, you find some GREAT storylines and fantastic matches.

And it seems that right now, WWE is in the process of bolstering their lineup in a huge way. According to Wrestling Observer, not only is WWE close to debuting former UFC Women's Champ Ronda Rousey. But they are also in the process of signing two of the biggest indy acts in the world - former IWGP Tag Champs War Machine and indy darling Ricochet.

According to reports, War Machine are currently going through the medical evaluation process. Which means if they're deemed healthy, they will officially be contracted WWE performers. Rumor and innuendo suggests that War Machine will be headed to NXT if/when their deal goes through.

Ricochet, on the other hand, can't sign a contract until his no compete clause from Lucha Underground runs out. However, its being reported that he's verbally agreed to terms with WWE and will make it official as soon as he legally can in 2018. There are no details about when or where he will make his debut. But, it would be pretty awesome to the high flying wizard as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble or show up at an NXT Takeover.

There was also a rumor flying around that Ricochet wouldn't sign with any major company that wouldn't hire his girlfriend, the extremely talented 2nd generation wrestler Tessa Blanchard. While that has not been confirmed, for the first time ever, there will be a Women's Royal Rumble match...so don't be surprised if she shows up as well.

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