HBO's Hard Knocks series, which documents NFL teams' offseason (and recently midseason) preparations and storylines has gone through ebbs and flows of popularity throughout its history.

Most recently, the Hard Knocks preseason series featuring the Detroit Lions was a smash hit due to the strong personalities of head coach Dan Campbell, coordinator Aaron Glenn, and position coaches like Kelvin Sheppard, Mark Brunell, and Hank Fraley.

Not to mention the empassioned former Lion, now Saint, Jamaal Williams.

But based on current rumors, that may not be the last we'll see of the anime-loving, hard-nosed runningback on HBO's NFL series.

The Saints being included in this group of teams is not pleasant to me, and I hope this is the last time I see my beloved Black and Gold mentioned alongside the likes of the Commanders and Bears.

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Nonetheless, a Hard Knocks series on the New Orleans Saints could of course be fascinating and would make great content for local sports outlets. Many NOLA sports reporters have expressed intrigue in getting behind-the-scenes access to the Saints' offseason process.

But personally, as a fan first and media member second, I don't want those cameras anywhere near the Saints camp. It's a distraction, and most players can't stand it.

Like Justin Hardee, former Saint and current Jet.

I'm not concerned about gameplanning or playcalling being leaked like some are, but I can tell you that being filmed is absolutely a distraction, and it's hard to just ignore it.

Of course I understand these players are supposed to be professionals, but if they were perfect, every team would be around .500. So as long as the human element is involved, I want to make the offseason as easy for my guys as possible.

Some disagree with my point, and that's completely fair.

What do you think? Do you want to see the Saints featured on Hard Knocks? Are you concerned what effects it may have on their focus?

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