Going to the gym and getting in shape is one of the standard New Year's resolutions. But maybe they shouldn't be.

This compilation of workout fails from the good people at FailArmy shines a light on how trying to whip your body into a shape other than a circular pile of Cheetos-filled flab is a good idea with disastrous results.

Whether they're looking to gain a six-pack or lose six pounds, these people are trying hard to get chiseled, but wind up proving ambition is the enemy of success. They can be working out alone or with a partner, but one simple truth remains as clear as the glistening sweat on the machine you don't clean after using it -- exercising comes with risks. The old adage of "no pain, no gain" is true, except in these cases, the only thing you're gaining with the pain are black-and-blue marks and ringing headaches from falling too hard on the floor.

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