With the Kevin Hart will-he-won’t-he? question finally resolved (he won’t, sorry Ellen), The Academy is moving on to other ideas for the upcoming Oscars. They’ve got just over a month to figure out something to do with this show. The Hollywood Reporter says at this point it’s looking likely there won’t be a host at all. Instead, multiple guests will push the show forward. (They’ll still find a way to make the thing six hours long, I’m sure.)

THR’s other scoop is that in order to add a little star power to the telecast, they’re working on a major Avengers reunion to take place during the show:

It now appears that the show, airing Feb. 24, won't have a traditional host, but instead will rely on a rotating cast of stars to introduce various segments. And to up the star quotient even further, the show's producers are currently lining up appearances by as many big-name cast members from Marvel's sprawling Avengers franchise as possible.

The core Avengers group presenting an award or two wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary (THR even notes several Avengers presented as a group in 2013), but if they could fill the stage with pretty much every actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that would actually make for a pretty unique, highly meme-able moment. And who better to save this seemingly doomed Oscar broadcast than a bunch of superheroes who have a new movie coming out about six weeks later?

The Academy Awards air on Februrary 24 on ABC.

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