The MCU's dive into the world of television has been a ground-breaking one, but how in the world can it all end?

Earlier today, while breaking down WandaVision with a co-worker, I said that the success of all upcoming MCU Disney+ series is at risk next Friday when the final episode of WandaVision is released.

The reason for this, for me anyway, is simple. If the pay-off for WandaVision is sub-par, why would I spend time watching the next series? After all, would I miss anything by just skipping the TV shows and waiting on the next MCU blockbuster movie?

On the other hand, if WandaVision can manage to tie up all of it's loose ends with it's finale episode, and it reveals things that absolutely changes the MCU as we know it, how could anyone ever miss another MCU Disney+ series.

There are so many things we still need answers for in WandaVision, and I'm worried they won't have time in the final episode to wrap everything up. Granted, the events of WandaVision are rumored to be setting up Doctor Strange's next movie and even Spiderman 3, but this series still NEEDS to answer it's own questions instead of waiting on the next big Blockbuster to answer them instead. Otherwise, what's the point in the Disney+ shows.

Fans are hopeful for an hour-long season finale, but I would warn to not get your hopes up. No episode has even come close to an actual run-time of one hour. The most recent episode was the longest with a runtime of 46-minutes, but that runtime also includes nearly ten minutes of credits. I hope WandaVision can find a way to pull it off and make itself truly matter within MCU canon, but I guess only time will tell.

We'll see next Friday!



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