So, after pulling off the biggest trade of the NBA Trade Deadline season, the New Orleans Pelicans are now 0-3 since acquiring All Star DeMarcus Cousins.

In the first game with both Cousins, and Franchise player Anthony Davis on the court, the team suffered a 30 point loss to the Houston Rockets. Then they lost in Dallas Saturday night, which led up to last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder...which brought out the DeMarcus Cousins we all became familiar with through highlight packages.

This might be the real DeMarcus Cousins. This might be what the Pelicans bought.

Here's the basics from last nights game, from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"The New Orleans Pelicans had many tense moments in the Pels 118-110 loss to the Thunder in Oklahoma City. DeMarcus Cousins had 31 points and 10 rebounds in just 22 minutes for the Pels before fouling out when getting dunked by Russell Westbrook. Anthony Davis added 38 for New Orleans. The Pels host Detroit on Wednesday."

What's left out there, is that Cousins also picked up his 18th Technical Foul of the season, which could end up leading to Cousins getting his first suspension as a Pelican.

See, the NBA has a league rule that requires a mandatory one-game suspension for ever Technical Foul over a player's 16th "T" of the season. So unless the league rescinds Cousins' Technical from last night before their game on Wednesday, Cousins will enjoy his first Pelicans suspension.

And after what we've seen in three games, this WON'T be his last suspension in a Pelicans jersey.

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