When you are any sort of celebrity, you are in the spotlight. When you’re a professional athlete you’re not only in that spotlight, but you are also considered a role model.This past week, a few professional athletes aren’t exactly living up to that role model mold. Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes you make one that will take awhile for people to forget, and possibly forgive.

Jason Kidd was arrested after leaving a charity event drunk. He was just introduced as a New York Knick, and he showed his appreciation by smashing his car into a telephone pole. Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks also got a bit tipsy and decided to get behind the wheel. Guys — it’s called a cab. We think you can afford it.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant made headlines after being arrested Monday for domestic abuse. He allegedly attacked his mother after an argument. Not cool. It must something about being in Dallas, and wearing number 88 that makes trouble come your way.

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