Smart: giving baseball fans ponchos during a rainy game. Stupid: having those ponchos kind of resemble the white garb KKK members wear.

The Chicago White Sox provided ponchos to fans during the team's July 2 game against the Los Angeles Angels. Somehow, nobody within the organization noticed the striking similarity between the ponchos -- which were white and featured a pointed hood -- and a KKK outfit.

We're not sure if any of the White Sox fans in attendance actually noticed this during the game, but looking at the pictures the similarity is undeniable.

Just think about all the poncho colors that the White Sox could have picked instead and avoided this embarrassing situation.

There's black. Always stylish. Or Green. Brown. Orange. Even pink would be a better choice! (Red's out because of the Angels' uniforms.)

But the kicker here really is the pointed hood. How tough is it to just get rid of that?