You mean, besides wait patiently for our Tigers' return?

Our LSU football team has earned themselves a break. The Tigers came out this season like they had been fired out of a cannon, quickly chalking up four wins and a top five ranking. They were even able to secure a win over another ranked opponent in Texas.

They're off this week and we're left wondering what to do with ourselves so here's a few things you can finally focus on.

1. The Honey-Do List

You've put it off long enough. Many of the thing that need to get done are projects that should have been handled before the fall season began. Go ahead and knock that sucker out before LSU is back next week.

2. Decorate for Halloween

It's the last weekend before October, which many believe is the start of the Halloween season. Why not bust out the skeletons, pumpkins, and that annoying spider web stuff that gets stuck on everything?

3. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

With all of the road tripping, tailgating and watch parties, we're pretty sure there has been little time to watch anything other than football. Your other shows miss you. You might want to show them some love.

4. Eat a Something Green

OK, this might not be your favorite thing on the list, but we're willing to be you need to do it. Football tends to come with a lot of fried food and your body is most likely suffering because of it. Do your body some good... eat a salad.

5. Do Something Fall-y

Although football is a major part of the fall season, there are other actors in the play. Go to a pumpkin patch, check out a corn maze, drink something pumpkin spiced. Remind yourself that there is a world to enjoy, even if it's only half as fun as LSU football.

And hang in there, LSU will play again when they host Utah State on October 5 at 11 a.m.

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