Our favorite office dog was presented as a chihuahua. We have all grown to love the little guy, from taking turns on potty breaks to stopping by to play with him, little Tucker has stolen our hearts. He was the smallest puppy I had ever seen. He could fit inside your jacket and go unnoticed. Tucker the office dog hadn't made an office appearance in a few weeks. When he showed back up to the office today many of us were baffled, the "chihuahua" was far too big and it looks like he is going to keep growing. Some people in the office think Tucker has a "Rocko's Modern Life" type of look going on. Do you have any idea what kind of dog Tucker could be?

Krystal Montez

Have you ever gotten a dog convinced it was a certain breed but you were dead wrong? Tell us about it and send us photos too! We can't be the only ones that have had this happen to them right?