What is going to happen to The Undertaker Monday night?

WWE has announced that Taker will be live at Raw 25, which is set up to be the biggest Monday Night Raw ever. But Taker usually doesn't just show up to wave to the crowd and say a few words.

There are a lot of options for what we could see. Let's start with my personal hope:

1. The Undertaker will return for the first time since his "retirement" to announce that he will be heading into the WWE Hall of Fame in New Orleans.

Remember, Taker lost "The Streak" in New Orleans, and was the main surprise last year when they announced Mania would be returning to Nola

2. Taker returns to announce a match for Wrestlemania.

It's something that people are begging for. JUST. ONE. MORE. People want that match to be one of two, either Stings (very unlikely) or John Cena. If you're going to do one more match, do it in the place that he lost "The Streak", and why not do it with Cena. That one makes a whole lot of sense.

3. Taker just comes out to say "thank you".

This one seems pretty likely. I don't want to see it, but we probably need to see it. The silent "retirement" act at the end of Mania last year leaves too many questions. So we all probably need some closure.

But look at the promo that they dropped this weekend. This says something big is coming from Taker:

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