The internet is a funny place. Sometimes things happen that cause public uproars that lead to people losing their jobs, or sometimes people finding help they desperately need...but then sometimes, the internet does things we would have never expected.

Earlier this week, a post was placed onto the Cracker Barrel Facebook page by a man named Bradley Reid Byrd...

After this simple post sat on the site for a few hours, the internet took an odd liking to it. From that post, it exploded into a full-blown internet outrage, fueled by Cracker Barrel's refusal to respond to any of the comments. In fact, they restricted their Facebook to not allow visitor posts any more. But that's not stopping the internet from creating a virtual grease fire across their posts on new promotional items.

Not only is the pressure mounting on Cracker Barrel's social media, but there's now a petition that has begun, and at the time of this post, has almost reached it's goal of 1,500 signatures. The petition post reads:

"Brad was a kind and simple man. His wife, a loyal Cracker Barrel employee of 11 years. 

On a day that should have been full of cake and laughter, there was sorrow. It was Brad's birthday and his wife was unfairly, unjustly, terminated from her employment. 

11 years, Cracker Barrel. 11 long, hard years.

It is for this reason, we demand answers."

The Cracker Barrel Twitter is also feeling the fire from the are some of the examples from Twitter:

Will we find out about Brad's Wife? We don't know. But until this is solved, I'm not sure if I will be eating at Cracker Barrel. Seems like the internet just wants answers, and it seems like they will not rest until they get them.

If you happen to visit the Cracker Barrel on Westport Ave in Shreveport, please ask them about Brad's Wife, and Tweet what you learn with the hashtag #ShreveportCaresForBradsWife and #JusticeForBradsWife

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