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The world is hurting from the senseless murders of way too many black people via police brutality and the racial injustice around this country.

NFL players are taking a stand and making sure that their voice is heard and are using their platform to deliver many powerful messages.

Thursday evening a very powerful video was put together by New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley where many players were shown standing together as a united front speaking out against all the injustice on behalf of the National Football League.

Here's the video via Saquon Barkley's Twitter account:

The message is so powerful with all the players identifying with an individual who was senselessly murdered due to racial injustice. In addition, you see Saints wide receiver right in the forefront of this video.

Keep pushing forward fellas, change happens when we all stand together in the face of adversity.

Be kind. Stand united. Black lives matter.


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