Shopkeepers in the UK have found the best way to deter teenage criminals may be to simply appeal to their vanity. One solution? Installing pink outdoor lighting that highlights and emphasizes acne. Now that’s just cold.

A strip mall in the Welsh city of Cardiff, where five young rabblerousers have been arrested in the past six weeks, is thinking about swapping out the standard white outside lighting for bulbs in a pink hue instead.

The hope is that the feminine color (which may or may not actually exist, FYI) will disperse the groups of teenaged boys that like to hang out around the mall — partly because it’s not exactly masculine to be bathed in shades of pink, and partly because the pink light is said to be particularly unflattering to adolescent complexions.

The tactic has been used successfully by several other British cities, and while police say changing the lights is something that has to be done at a “local authority” level, residents who say their “lives are being made a misery” by the packs of young men applaud the move.

Cardiff city councillor Neil McEvoy said:

I would like to have a look at it if it can help the local residents to live a more peaceful life. We’re not just talking about the shops, residents in that area have been plagued by anti-social behavior. If the evidence stacks it up, let’s have a look at a crack at it.”

You’ve been warned, zitheads. Don’t stand under any pink lights, unless you want your friends to make fun of your pizza face.

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