The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln promised a much more satisfying back half to Season 7 than those punishing first eight installments, but is any hope to be found in the latest cache of cryptic photos? Get a taste of the plan to fight back (and possibly go a little mad) trying to decipher all the clues for our 2017 return!

AMC released over a dozen new photos teasing the Season 7B return, albeit all of them close-ups on specific details from filming. The Walking Dead did this before in Season 6 as well, the composite poster of which did foreshadow some important plotpoints of Negan’s arrival.

In any case, UPROXX notes that both dynamite and various nuts seem to garner unusual focus, as peanut oil can be used in certain recipes of dynamite. There’s quite a do-it-yourself vibe to most of the photos, with various supplies, tape and rope, which could lend a MacGyver tone to the various communities scrounging around for material to fight back (since the Saviors take everything else).

There’s also shadows of what looks to be armed Kingdom personnel, what seems like a walker ghost-town, and perhaps the realest question of all: Who has a rubber duck obsession?

We’ll get to the bottom of these questions and more when The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on February 12, so check out the first photo and clips in the meantime.

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