Yes, we've probably had this debate before...and we're going to have it again. This is one of the greatest debates that evolves constantly. Who are your Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 Pro Wrestlers of all time?

What do you consider? Longevity, titles, box office draw, impact on the industry, exposure...there's a lot to consider. Sometimes it's just easier to say "Favorite" over "Best" because your reasons will likely be different than everyone else's.

But when you start to play into the "Favorite" territory, you start to see names get thrown in just to be different. Names like The Blue Meanie, Spike Dudley, and The Big Show get tossed around, even though they wouldn't actually crack a true Top 5 list.

Anyway, who makes your list? Is John Cena on top after pulling down his record-tying 16th world championship? Ric Flair for being The Man? Stone Cold Steve Austin because he said so? Cast your vote below:


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