Video has surfaced online that reportedly shows a Texas A&M football player live streaming a drag race in a parking garage of all places. If the video evidence is corroborated it could be the third very embarrassing incident connected with the University in the past five days.

Texas A&M Athletics via YouTube
Texas A&M Athletics via YouTube

The drag racing incident was reportedly live streamed on social media by Texas A&M freshman defensive back Denver Harris. As you might imagine the video is pretty harrowing. If you've ever had to drive in a parking garage you know the corners are tight and the speed limits are often 5 mph or less as there is little room to negotiate traffic and avoid potential crashes.

As we mentioned this would be the third no-so-palatable event the University has had to explain to fans and the administrators over the past five days. The first Aggie faux pas was the loss on Saturday to Appalachian State. The Aggies were the number six ranked team in the nation when the game kicked off, but App State has a reputation for being giant killers.

You might recall they took down "mighty" Michigan in the "Big House" a few years back.

Then came Saturday's not-so-surprising win, at least to Sun Belt Conference fans, over the vaunted Texas A&M team in College station.

To make matters worse, it was revealed that Aggie Yell Leaders, that's what they call some of their male cheerleaders I guess, had been captured on video making less than complimentary remarks about the Appalachian State team and the team's supporters.

No, that's not a good look for a school that prides itself on its military background. Then just hours ago, it was revealed that an Aggie player, allegedly, was going all Fast and Furious in a parking garage.

No, it's not a good look for an institution a lot of has have respected for years. Maybe the rumours that A&M "purchased" this year's team through NIL deals is coming true. Perhaps Coach Jimbo Fisher doesn't have the authority over these "suddenly wealthy teenagers and young adults". It's certainly looking as if that could be a possibility.

Oh, and one more way the App State loss may have "peed in the Aggies Post Toasties" is that ESPN's College Game Day program was set to broadcast from College Station but the network has decided to move that broadcast location to Boone North Carolina, the home of App State.

Does that make the fourth bad thing to happen to Aggie football this week? I believe it does actually.

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