If it ain't brokedon't fix it.

It's a saying used often when someone questions why anyone would change a good thing.

The reality is, most things need maintenance.

Your car may not be broken, but you still need to change the oil on occassion.

However, Vanderbilt Commodores didn't need to treat their logo like a vehicle. The V enveloped inside a star was one of the sharpest logos in collegiate sports.

After reportedly doing two years of work on a logo change, Vanderbilt unveiled a new one yesterday, and all I can say is, If it ain't brokedon't fix it. Vandy tried to fix something that didn't need fixing.

Social media immediately roasted the Commodores new logo.

Sportswriter Christian D'Andrea was leading the way with this NSFW reaction.

The awful logo even made it to SportsCenter last night, when Scott Van Pelt took a dig as well.

But seriously guys, what were they thinking?

If it ain't brokedon't fix it.

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