The holiday season is almost here and UPS is looking to staff-up ahead of their busiest quarter.

Every single year, my thoughts and prayers go out to the hard workers at companies like UPS and Fedex. I can't imagine the stress they feel on a daily basis, and I know from friends who work at both companies that the hours are truly demanding.

To prepare for the workload that lies ahead, UPS is hiring over 100,000 seasonal workers nationwide to help with the hectic holiday season. Of those 100,000, over 1,000 will be hired right here in Louisiana. On a weekly basis, I get asked if anyone is hiring in Shreveport-Bossier, so it would appear that this hiring surge couldn't come at a better time for many Louisianians looking for work.

Marc Shannon, director of the firm’s Talent Acquisition Team, says, "We’re hiring package handlers, package car drivers, driver helpers, tractor-trailer drivers, personal vehicle drivers; we’ve got a lot of opportunities.” Of course, if working for UPS on more than a seasonal basis is what you're looking for, this could be a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Shannon says, "Over the past few years we’ve seen about a third of seasonal workers come back in a permanent capacity later and certainly a lot of people go on to have a complete career at UPS."

For more information and to apply for a position visit the website

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