Texas Tech took a 20-17 lead late against Baylor in regulation, then proceeded to give up 95-ish yards and a field goal to allow Baylor to tie the game and get to overtime.

Texas Tech shouldn't have left it up to the officials, but by allowing a long drive while in prevent defense, that's exactly what happened.

Texas Tech won the coin toss and opted to play defense. On Baylor's first drive, their center tried to snap the ball, hit himself in the butt with it and dropped it. Texas Tech recovered the ball, and out came the flag.

The officials ruled it an "illegal snap." The Bears would go on to score a touchdown that drive. Texas Tech would respond with a touchdown in the first overtime, but would go on to lose in the double overtime.

If the fumble had been awarded to the Red Raiders, a field goal would have won the game for them.

Lets get into the "illegal snap." Here's a look at it:

Another angle:

If the play had been reviewed (it wasn't), Texas Tech had made a clear recovery. The flag is clearly thrown after the fumble and recovery. After the play ended and the Bears were already down to the one-yard line, the rules expert, Dean Blandino, joined the broadcast and confirmed the blown call.

The fumble (it was not an illegal snap) didn't cost Texas Tech the game explicitly, but it was a game-altering botched call that potentially gave a win to Baylor and took one from Texas Tech.

Twitter was not happy:

That's just a fraction of the initial reaction.

Matt Wells also had his chance to respond, but he took the high road.

Wells will probably refrain from eviscerating the officials here and Monday at the team's next pre-game press conference...but he's got every right to.

The snap was a fumble, recovered by Texas Tech. End of story. I wish we had the chance to see if the Red Raiders could have scored after a fumble recovery. They would have had a 1st and 10 at the 25 yard line, and would have only needed a field goal. Wolff had successful kicks from 25, 35 and 40 yards out during the game.

Even if the Red Raiders didn't gain a single yard, they would have attempted a game winner from the 42.

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