Maybe it's because almost all of my entire adult life has been spent in and around advertising but the fact is, I am quite hard to win over with just hype. Like a lot of you, I appreciate a pretty picture and flashy presentation but before you see my money in your hands you're going to actually have to prove that what you are selling is worth it.

I say that to say this, I don't really understand what the attraction is that college football programs have with Coach Jimbo Fisher. I don't know Coach Fisher personally. But, from what I have seen of him on television, he seems to be a likeable soul and more qualified than most to coach a college football program.

Twitter via @cameron_worthy
Twitter via @cameron_worthy

But, I, like a lot of you, have been hearing Jimbo Fisher this and Jimbo Fisher that in connection with the LSU football program for what seems like the past 20 years. I know he has a connection with the Tiger program but then he went to Florida State. After Florida State he was hired, no, he was anointed by Texas A&M.

When you get paid the kind of cash Jimbo gets at A&M it's an anointing and not a paycheck. Still with Jimbo making all that money and flat out saying this past October that he was really happy in Bryan/College Station the LSU faithful just couldn't leave his name out of replacement discussion for the position that Ed Orgeron was about to vacate.

You've probably heard stories of how Fisher and LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward are allegedly connected at the hip. But it's just now coming out how badly LSU really wanted to hire Fisher away from the Aggie program.  Hey, if new LSU Coach Brian Kelly's deal makes you mad, then this deal might make you commit violent acts.

Apparently, LSU was ready to offer Fisher an 8-year $125 million dollar deal that would pay Coach Fisher about $13 million a year. My question about such a deal would be quite simply, why?

What has Jimbo Fisher won?

The short answer is not much. Fisher's record with the Aggie program at Texas A&M is 34 wins against 14 losses. He has zero Southeastern Conference Championships. He has zero appearances in the SEC Title Game. He has zero SEC Western Division crowns, and quite frankly he hasn't done much more than Dan Mullen did at Florida and Mullen just got his ass run out of Gainesville.

This wouldn't have been a case of "what have you done for me lately" this would be more of a "have you done anything, ever?" kind of scenario, at least in my mind. I think the Tigers dodged a bullet by missing out on Fisher.

Now, I don't know if Brian Kelly will be the winner that we want him to be but I think he's got a better shot than Jimbo would have had. You know, I understand why college football programs have to and need to pay top dollar for great coaches. What I don't understand is why universities like to spend money on average coaches with great agents.

You'd think some of these programs would eventually learn but Nah, bad coaches keep getting paid a lot of money and good coaches keep getting paid a lot more and great coaches, well, they just hang out at Alabama winning championships.

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