According to experts, Americans produce around 4 pounds of trash per day. That's per person! The things you open, consume, and toss amounts to 4 pounds a day. By the end of the work week, you're responsible for over 20 pounds of trash, every week. We're talking about paper, plastic, metal, and of

Now that you start thinking about it, maybe you can see where your 4 pounds a day comes from. Empty bottles, scrap paper, chewed gum, old pens, and leftovers. We throw away a lot of food. We might not want to, but it happens. When we get rid of food, its actually not the worst thing we do in regards to our trash. Because food breaks down quickly and easily. But a lot of the other things we toss don't break down fast, and in a lot of cases, don't break down safely.

See, of the 4 pounds of trash we produce daily, about half (2.3 pounds per day) are making it to landfills. The other half breaks down quickly or gets recycled. But our landfills across America are still getting filled with plastics and poisons that just get compacted and buried in the ground. Left to leach into the soil and do some crazy things.

In the state of Texas, the amount of trash being produced per-person is actually a lot higher than the national average. Across the US its about 4 pounds per person, then in Texas that number jumps to 7.09 pounds per person. Which is just the average. There are parts of Texas producing WAY more than that. In fact, the highest region in Texas produces TEN POUNDS MORE than the average person in the United States. That's right, one region in Texas produces over 14 pounds of trash, per person, per day.

See the trashiest regions across the state here:

10 Trashiest Regions Found Around The State of Texas

We pulled numbers from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to rank which regions of the state are producing the most trash per person.

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