It’s 2012, people, why the hell are we still using light switches? The Clapper promised to free us from the tyranny of the wall wart, but that technology didn’t really catch on (possibly because it was sold on infomercials). Now a French company called 3.14 Innovations has developed a game-changer: touch-sensitive wall paint.

On/Off Paint comes as a neutral gray undercoat that is designed to serve as a base layer – you can put pretty much any other color on top of it and it’ll still work. It basically transmits a signal to a hidden electronic device in the home, which interfaces with other appliances. The paint detects not only touch position but also pressure, so you can use it as a dimmer switch or volume control for your stereo.

Prices are about 30 to 40 euros per liter (about $40 American), but you’re going to also need to buy a power adapter because the control box has those weird plugs that they like over there.

On / Off goes on sale this summer.

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