Next week is one of my FAVORITE WWE PPVs of the Year, Hell in a Cell. And this year, we have 3 matches taking place inside the most violent and dangerous structure in professional wrestling. Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens, Rusev v Roman Reigns and the First EVER Women's HIAC featuring Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

So, to celebrate the upcoming event, here are some of my favorite Hell in a Cell matches. As you'll notice, 4 guys are ALL over this list. We have some honorable mentions like Rollins v Ambrose and several others...but come on. When you think Hell In A Cell, these are the matches you think of.

6: Batista v Triple H


5: Undertaker v Edge

4: Triple H v Cactus Jack

3: Triple H v Shawn Michaels

2: Shawn Michaels v Taker

1: Mankind v Taker

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