Shreveport, it's finally coming! Soon enough, you'll be able to use Uber to get around the Ark-La-Tex.

Hard to believe we haven't had the service until now, but hey, better late than never.

This week, Uber put together a couple lists to help out some of their more forgetful passengers. One list is actually quite helpful, the other is just down right hilarious.

We'll start with their top 10 most ridiculous things ever left in Uber cars!


1. Cape

2. Potted plant

3. Nintendo

4. Dog sweater

5. Contact lenses

6. Diary

7. Tickets

8. Arm sling

9. Taser

10. Vacuum


Oh come on people, who the heck leaves behind a freaking NINTENDO!

And their most important list, one to remind us Shreveporters to not leave behind when we soon find ourselves in Ubers. Here's their most common items left behind!


1. Phone

2. Ring

3. Keys

4. Wallet

5. Glasses

6. Purse

7. License/ID

8. Gloves/Glove

9. Charger

10. Sunglasses


To see the top 50 unique items left behind, please click HERE!


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