When it comes to game day grub, each state has their own favorite dish like pizza and wings, pancakes and pumpkin? Ok, this is getting weird.

Super Bowl 51 is kicking off this Sunday. And while we sit here and scratch our heads trying to figure out where January went, we also need to be thinking of what will be on the table at our watch party. When my hubby and I host, it's always pizza, chicken fingers and whole lot of queso and chips. I try to sneak in some veggies in between eye rolls. The truth is, every house is different and every state is different as well.

Delish.com compiled a list of the most popular dishes served in each state during the big game.

In the list we see plenty of staples like pizza, hot dogs, chicken (served many different ways), beef (also served many different ways) and I have to tip my hat to those states who serve "various cheeses." However, we also see some very interesting dishes that almost don't seem to be football appropriate.

Let's start with the Ark-La-Tex.

Stack of Small pancakes with butter and honey syrup on white background
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Arkansas - Pancakes

I told you this would get weird. For us savory loving folk, pancakes seem like an odd choice to serve on game day, but according to Delish, a full stack of flapjacks is just what the doctor ordered. I love pancakes, so I may be adopting this tradition. It will give me an excuse to watch the game in my pajamas.

Spicy Homemade Cajun Jambalaya
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Louisiana - Jambalaya

Were there any surprises here? Louisiana is known for their Cajun dishes so why wouldn't a hearty bowl of jambalaya be on the menu? Fill it up with seafood, chicken, sausage, peppers, etc and you've got a dish that will easily have you cheering through the fourth quarter. But be mindful that too much jambalaya could send you straight to the couch for a good long nap. Of course, napping on the recliner during football actually sounds like my uncle's favorite pastime.

three beef tacos with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes
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Texas - Tacos

Does anyone serve up a better taco than Texas? My gosh, you can get the best tacos on the planet in Texas. I credit this to the heavy Tex-Mex populations. The beauty of tacos as a Super Bowl food is that people can customize them however they want. Load them up with chicken, beef, pork or seafood, veggies or no veggies, sour cream, cheese dip... whatever!

Now let's take a look at the states from which our Super Bowl contenders hail from:

McDonald's All Day Breakfast At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards
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Georgia - Hashbrowns

We're getting back into the breakfast foods! There is a good chance that Atlanta Falcon fans will be chowing down on hashbrowns during this year's game. Again, this is not a dish I would first think of when planning my game day menu, but I love me some hashbrowns so I guess it's time to mix things up.

Buffalo wings
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Massachusetts - Hot Wings

They like it spicy up north (probably because it's freezing up there this time of year). As opposed to our southern Super Bowl team, New England Patriots fans will most likely be chowing down on hot wings this Sunday. Apparently lobster and clam chowder are a little pricey when it comes to feeding your entire watch party.

And finally here are the dishes that struck us as... odd:

Spread of vegetables
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Florida | Nevada | South Dakota - Vegan

Ok. Vegan. It's a popular trend these days and you certainly won't feel "greased down" the next day at work, but simply snacking on veggie sticks dipped in humus leaves much to be desired. Besides, which beer do you pair with cauliflower? I was surprised to find multiple states jumping on this band wagon.

Bunch of brown eggs.
indigolotos, ThinkStock Images

Kansas | Maine | Mississippi | Montana - Eggs Benedict

Ok, now I think we're just listing our favorite "morning after" brunch dishes. Football seems so raw, hard-hitting, and so unlike the sophistication of eggs Benedict. Call me a redneck, but who has time to craft a perfectly poached egg, whip up a Hollandaise sauce and toast an English muffin in time for kickoff? Let alone for multiple people. However, these four states must know something I don't. (You're a sellout, Kansas)

Homemade Delicious Pumpkin Pie
bhofack2, ThinkStock

Rhode Island | Utah - Pumpkin

There's always that one kid in the class who just wants to be different from everyone else and sometimes they recruit someone to do it with them. That's Rhode Island and Utah. Seriously? Pumpkin? I can understand having something pumpkin in the fall, but this is February!

See the rest of the states here.

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