One list might be claiming Louisiana could improve in the education department.

Education. It's hammered into our brains at a young age that we need to be educated to be successful. Many would argue that education is gained through school only while others say valuable knowledge also comes from outside the classroom walls.

So who's getting a 4.0?

WalletHub set out to answer that question with their list of "Most and Least Educated Cities." They looked at 150 cities across the country looking specifically at number of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher, the quality of public school systems, and even the gap in education between genders.

Louisiana has some work to do.

Lafayette came in at number 142 on the list making them one of the least educated cities. They have one of the lowest percentages of college-experienced adults or those who hold an associate's degree.

Shreveport-Bossier fared a little better with a 128 ranking, leaving room for improvement. Baton Rouge garnered a 103 spot, with New Orleans-Metairie coming in at number 86.

Ann Arbor, Michigan came out on top, ranking at the top for education attainment and quality of education.

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