Think you could hack it on a professional racing pit crew? Think again.

This clip is called "Ferrari F1 Pit Stop Perfection" and, well, that's just about the perfect way to describe it. We're a little unsure why the video is as long as it is -- the interesting part only lasts just a few seconds. (We adjusted the starting point so you don't waste the same time we did watching the first 25 seconds. Though you can start from the beginning if you want, for some reason. It'd be weird of you to do that, but hey, it's your life.)

It's like a ballet, the way the various crew members so smoothly and efficiently execute their tasks. The driver pulls into the stop, coming oh-so-close to nailing any number of his team -- in fact, we wonder how many injuries these guys suffered while they were first practicing this routine -- and within like four seconds, he's got a brand new set of tires and is heading right back out onto the track. It's mesmerizing. We've watched it about 20 times now, and it's still just as stunning.

And in case you're wondering why they didn't bother to add any fuel (which surely would've at least quadrupled the total stop time), we have an idea. In 2007 another F1 driver, Crijstian Albers drove away with the gas pump still attached, nearly beheading several members of the crew:

Always remember: safety first.

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