What better way for us to get psyched for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics than with a video highlighting 10 winter sports fails?

The folks at Alltime10s have uploaded another great countdown video, this time featuring some winter sports enthusiasts who are met with hilariously unfortunate fates. But hey, at least they failed while doing what they love, right?

The video is nearly three minutes long and stars skiers in banana hammocks, skiers that fall into snow-covered holes in the ground and all kinds of downhill collisions. If anything, this video will convince winter sports fans to take extra precautions when hitting the powder. Thankfully, when these guys hit the powder, it proved to be pretty soft.

Some of our favorite fails include the skier who went to grind on a rail and ended up being hung up by his jacket on a street sign and the one skier who lost a ski, only to have it roll downhill and hit another skier. That second skier had no manner of luck at all.

We won't spoil the top fail in this video for you, but our pick for a runner-up would be the hockey player who celebrated his team's scoring a goal by trying to bounce off the glass. Unfortunately, he ended p crashing right through it, which is the last thing he expected to happen.

Watch the hilarious video above and enjoy a lot more epic fails through the link below.


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