With NFL training camps opening up on July 28, we are hopefully on schedule to have football back in our lives soon.

In the meantime, let's have a distraction from all the seriousness of the world and play "what if."

What if every NFL got a redesign of its current look? I seem to see these mock-ups of new styles all the time.

This one caught my eye a little more than some of the other slide shows though. Mostly on account of my beloved New Orleans Saints redesign being totally on point.

An article put out by SportsDrop.com showcases two standout designers and their work of redesigning every NFL team's helmet.

Concept 1 comes from designer Ted Hyman, whose work you can find on his Instagram page.

The second concept comes from two contributors to the sports uniform website Uni-Watch.

You can check out each of these designer's helmet redesigns right here.

But on to the only team that really matters -- the New Orleans Saints. Check out the designs by Ted Hyman and Uni-Watch respectively. SportsDrop.com gave both of these designs A- grades.

Here you go, judge for yourselves.

Ted Hyman

Saints With Something to Prove