The fun thing about professional wrestling is that you can literally argue anything. Other than Ric Flair being the greatest wrestler of all time, everything else is up for debate. Fans always have huge argument about greatest matches, greatest managers, greatest heels, etc., etc., etc.. It's fun and a lot of times can bring attention to forgotten moments in wrestling history. This week, I was listening to the New Age Outlaws episode of 'Something to Wrestle With...Bruce Prichard' and he brought up the topic of best tag teams.

So, in that spirit, here is my list of the Top 10 Tag Teams of All Time. Some of the qualifications I used to make this list are: impact on the sport, quality of matches, crossover appeal and accomplishments.

Like I said this is MY list. You can put yours in comment section below.

1) Legion of Doom/Road Warriors

2) Midnight Express

3) Rock N Roll Express

4) Hardy Boyz

5) Ole & Arn Anderson

6) Dudley Boyz

7) Hart Foundation

8) Edge and Christian

9) The Steiner Brothers

10) Fabulous Freebirds

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