In a move that's sure to frustrate Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban, SEC Presidents voted on a new rule that says grad transfers no longer have to sit out a year when transferring to another school in the conference.

In recent years, Georgia’s Maruice Smith and Florida’s Malik Zaire needed a waiver to receive immediate eligibility, and Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban recently attempted to block offensive lineman Brandon Kennedy from going to another school.

Then last week, Saban went on a mini-rant on the transfer rules during the SEC Meetings in Florida...

Granted he did say "we should change the rule", so he got what he asked for here, but the quote looks a lot better on paper than it does in the video. If you watch the video above, where he talks about it, he does say "we should change the rule", but watch his face, listen to his tone, this is Nick Saban...he doesn't want this rule changed.

But here we are...rules are changed. I'd love to see Saban's immediate reaction to that news.

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