In advance of Halloween, I recently asked a simple question on my personal Facebook page and was blown away at some of the responses.  The question was, "What scares you?"  And while a lot of the answers were pretty common, some were off the wall!

Of course, the number one response overall was "Snakes."  Predictable.  And you guessed it, "Spiders" came in second place.

But the rest of the Top Ten most horrifying things really amazed me.

  • 1st Place - Snakes
  • 2nd Place - Spiders
  • 3rd Place - Clowns
  • 4th Place - The IRS
  • 5th Place - Little People
  • 6th Place - Water Bugs
  • 7th Place - Heights
  • 8th Place - Frogs
  • 9th Place - Wild Hogs
  • 10th Place - Needles

And some of the most unusual fears were really funny.

Naked People

Radio DJ's asking questions


The Wizard of Oz.  Everything in the movie.

My ex-wife

Driving down Airline Drive

Miley Cyrus


Draw Bridges

Being weighed at the doctor's office.

A Yankee with a u haul heading south

But my absolute favorite was, "Warm seat on a public toilet."

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