If I were to apply for this job and actually get hired it would be the closest I will ever get to be royalty. Thanks to Disney I had dreams of being a princess. Unfortunately this will never be in the cards for me, but a girl can dream.

According to Bustle, the Queen is currently hiring for a role as "kitchen porter". The kitchen porter will work alongside the kitchen team. You will help prepare and serve food.

If you get the job you have the option of living in the palace! How crazy is that? Oh! And forget about paying for food because all of your meals are provided. Imagine all of that fancy cheese that you could eat! You also get 33 days of vacation and your annual salary will be approximately £19,935.80, which is $26,000 in U.S. dollars.

The kitchen porter isn't the only job opening available. There is also positions as palace attendant, assistant housekeeper, and sous chef. If you plan on putting in an application you will have to do so on their online submission form that you can see here.

It is required that you be a British citizen or cleared to work in the UK.

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