Actor Adam West who played the first Batman ever in a television show or movie celebrates his 81st birthday today.   West was Bruce Wayne in the show that was popular in the 60s.

"Family Guy/American Dad" Panel - Comic-Con 2011

Bruce Wayne changed into Batman and fought crime with his partner, the "Boy Wonder,"  Robin, who was played by Bruce Ward.   Robin's character's name was actually Dick Grayson.

Fans enjoyed the Batmobile blasting out of the Bat Cave, when the "dynamic duo" would get the call to fight crime - the flashing bat sign would light up the sky at the hint of any trouble.

Then there were the classic nemeses:  Penguin, Riddler, Cat Woman, Joker and others.

And talk about  cliff hangers..each episode left you dying to see the next one.

Remember when Batman and Robin were tied up on a conveyor belt about to be sawed in half?  Thankfully, they always got out of the doomsday situations.

Batman & Robin


In fact, when we were kids, it came on after school each day, and we never missed an episode.   I'm not sure if Batman could have jailed so many criminals if it hadn't been for Robin.

Thank goodness for TV Land.

Burt Ward as Robin on 'Batman'

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