The NBA is going through a passing of the guard. We are seeing the end of an era in the NBA as Lebron James is 38 years old. However, James isn't done with playing. One of James's former teammates in Udonis Haslem is also still in the league at age 42 making him the oldest active NBA player. Well, Haslem has played his final regular season game, as the Miami Heat ended their season Sunday against the Orlando Magic.

Udonis Haslem has been a pillar of consistency throughout his career on and off the court. Haslem has been the perfect representation of how to maintain a successful career in the NBA even if you're not a top player. He has garnered not just the respect of his teammates but his opponents as well. Many of said teammates and opponents put together a compilation of their thoughts on Haslem and it's a tearjerker.

Haslem went out on his terms as he balled in his last regular season game. Haslem finished with 24 points and 3 rebounds. The Heat did make the play-in-tournament so Haslem has a chance to extend his playing career as long as the Heat keep winning.

When you think back to those Big 3 Miami Heat teams you always think of Lebron, Dwayne Wade, or maybe even Chris Bosh. But you never think of Udonis Haslem. However, they don't win those championships without Haslem. He was not only an important member of those teams but he has been a leader for all the teams after and has been able to show the young guys Heat culture. Thank you for all the memories UD and enjoy retirement.

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