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2020 has been full of some really bad stuff. The COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing except bad news after bad news. But recently there's been some great news popping up. We've learned that schools aren't the superspreaders some thought, the CDC says we don't have to quarantine as long as some thought, and the United Kingdom has the vaccine.

But there's some other big news that has recently happened, and it's good news too.

Last night on AEW's Dynamite, professional wrestling icon Sting made his shocking debut.

The event was called "Winter Is Coming", and it was treated like a pay-per-view event. Including huge matches, the AEW World Championship on the line, and this monstrous debut for a living legend.

Sting made his debut as Cody and Dustin Rhodes, the children of pro wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, and Hall of Famer Arn Anderson were in the ring. Sting's career hit high notes while working with Arn Anderson and Dusty Rhodes in the late 1980s and early 1990s, making this debut a little more impactful.

The fact that this was Sting's return to TNT programming was also not lost on anyone.

TNT was a major player at the height of pro wrestling during the Attitude Era of the late 1990s. The network was the home of WCW's Monday Nitro, where Sting cemented his legendary status.

The final match that WCW had on a Nitro was in March of 1999, and it featured Sting taking on Ric Flair. There wasn't a pro wrestling broadcast on TNT from that final Sting match, all the way until AEW debuted on October 2nd or 2019.

But now, not only has pro wrestling returned to TNT, but Sting has as well.

Maybe the end of 2020 can be saved after all...


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