I don't think it's any secret, I'm a huge Chris Jericho mark. While most of my friends grew up fans of Stone Cold or the Rock, I was into Chris Jericho. I've had the privilege of meeting and chatting with the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla on numerous occasions. Sometimes it was WWE related, sometimes is was about Fozzy and others it was about one of his new books.

Now, I haven't been able to get Y2J on recently (his record label stooge screwed the pooch) but I hope I'll be able to chat him up about his latest project, the Chris Jericho Rock N Wrestle Rager at Sea.

It's a 3 day cruise (October 27-31 2018) that features live music from the likes of Fozzy and Kyng, a Ring of Honor wrestling tournament and appearances from special guests like Jim Ross and Ricky 'the Dragon' Steamboat.

With my love for professional wrestling and rock, I don't know how I can possibly miss out on this! And even better, if you are one of the first 400 people to book a room, you'll get to be apart of an exclusive Q&A session with the GOAT himself, Chris Jericho. If you get a room by January 15th, you'll get a photo up with Jericho and the List of Jericho!

Like I said, I'm pretty pumped about this. If you are too, get all the info you need here. 

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