Kids of today are different. They have different interest. They have a different mindset. I can only make those statements based on the memories of my childhood which was at least a few years ago.

During my childhood of the late 1960's and 1970's being a kid was about the best thing you could be. The only thing better than being a kid was being a kid during summertime. We did not have computers or video games. We didn't have more than three channels on our television. We wanted to go outside and play.

Today's younger generation has so many reasons not to go  outside. First and foremost is the glare from the sun makes it hard to see the screen. Whether that screen is of a gaming device, a tablet computer, or even a laptop computer kids would rather be bound electrically to their entertainment than we ever thought possible.

I recently saw a story where it was estimated that the average household will spend about $5-thousand dollars just trying to kids to go outside and play. That money comes in the form of trampolines, water guns, inflatable pools, and sports equipment.

We didn't have trampolines, we had the bed on a rainy day. Water guns we had, they had a firing range of about two feet and we were happy with it. Inflatable pools almost every house on the block had one. They were usually filled with water the same temperature as urine and covered in grass clippings. and we did have sports equipment usually one bat, one baseball, and each kid had a glove.

I am not indicting the use of computers or video games. I am merely suggesting that going outside to play is a right of childhood. There will come a time in your life when you wish you had those hot summer days filled with nothing but time back. The internet is cool, I get that. Video games are cool too and the graphics are more lifelike than real  life. I get that too. However if you've never climbed a tree and looked down on the world below you are missing one of the greatest thrills of your life.

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