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I have to admit, I really love my job. Yes, there are certain aspects of this career path that are not my favorites, but all in all, I feel that when I was 20 years old, way back in 1983, I made a good decision when I selected radio for my profession.

However, according to a new two thousand person survey conducted by career experts, Zippia, 13% of people think of quitting their job daily. In fact, the survey also determined that 15% of Americans plan to quit their job by the end of the year.

So, just exactly what is the biggest burr under these people's saddle? It's actually not that big of a mystery and the real causes that good employees quit their jobs boils down to just a handful of reasons.

Zippia even took the time to segregate each state to determine the most common reason people give for leaving there job in that state. Just go to Zippia.com to see the complete map, but the survey also provided lots of other insightful points:

  • 42% of workers say they would never quit without a new job lined up.
  • Meanwhile, 22% are confident they’ll find another job soon if they quit, while 36% will leave regardless if unhappy.
  • The majority of workers (60%) have never impulsively quit a job.

While several smaller factors including the commute and more flexible hours were of slight importance to some, the most common reason for leaving that job overall was money.  In fact, that was the number one reason here in Louisiana and in Texas, but take a look at the list below to find out are the overall most common reasons causing good employees to quit their job.

The Top Reasons in Each State Why Employees Quit Their Job

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