I like to think of myself as a law abiding citizen. I bet you do to. I also bet that like me, you're guilty of breaking the law everyday.  Have you every borrowed someone else's Wi-Fi? Have you sung Happy Birthday or Jolie Blon without paying for the rights? Let's see how many of these five very common violations you have broken or will break before you settle in for the night.

  • David Lentz, ThinkStock
    David Lentz, ThinkStock


    Don't even try to deny it. You speed. We all speed. Some of us don't speed so much that we would be noticed by law enforcement but we all squeeze the most out of the "gray area" that we think the police are giving us. The fact is this. There is no gray area when it comes to speed just try going two miles over in some of our more famous speed traps. 

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    Joe Raedle/Getty Images


    I would imagine unless you are just a total jerk you wouldn't throw trash out of your car window. Littering doesn't always occur out of a moving car. Have you ever tried to stack one more cup on top of an overly full trash receptacle  at a festival? When it hit the ground did you try again? Litter bug! By the way a cigarette butt out the window of the car is littering so stop it.

  • Spencer Platt, Getty Images
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    Illegal Downloading or Recording

    Back in the olden days it meant taping a song off the radio on your handheld cassette recorder. These days it's basically stealing the artistic, intellectual, and artistic property of someone who invested time and money to create it. If you haven't "borrowed" a song off the internet then chances are your cousin let you use his copy of a computer program for your own use. It's still against the law.

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    Texting While Driving

    It was only a stoplight and I only replied with one word. Too bad you're busted. Texting of any kind while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is against the law. Get caught doing that in a school zone and you won't be able to afford a vacation.

  • Chris Graythen/Getty Images
    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Having Sex In A Public Place

    This was really on the list? You are probably flabbergasted by this. That is until you think back to your younger days when it was you, a dark road, a car with a big back seat, and enough hormones to power Detroit for a year. Or you could just try and remember that really fuzzy Mardi Gras. We are a very loving people in Louisiana. Sometimes we just can't wait to express our Joie de Vie.

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