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One of the hottest properties & destinations in America right now is Topgolf. People LOVE it. I know people in Shreveport-Bossier who will drive hours just to hit Dallas or Baton Rouge for the Topgolf experience. Food, drink, driving tees, sports bars...people LOVE it. Well, in light of Topgolf's success, a new Texas concept could be bringing the Topgolf experience to Baseball.

Home Run Dugout, who opened their first location in Round Rock in 2019, is aiming to expand and bring the Topgolf treatment to traditional batting cages. The aim is to take the idea of batting cages and combine them with food, and entertainment in one upscale setting...so kinda like Topgolf. And one of the major backers of Home Run Dugout's expansion plan is none other than Texas baseball legend Nolan Ryan - who is a strategic investor in the project.

Unlike the batting cages of old, the new concept will be home of the '7 mph fastball'. Meaning no renting of cheap batting helmets or any of that. The new location in Katy, TX (which is scheduled to open March 30) will host a 46,000-square-foot facility that will feature “indoor soft-toss baseball” and several amenities:

  • Full-service restaurant
  • Three bars serving 20 craft beers
  • 12 virtual-batting bays
  • A “Biergarten Baseball” mini-field for wiffle ball
  • Live music and concert stage
  • Dog park

You can checkout a virtual walk through of the new Katy facility below.

The cost is roughly $30 for 90 minutes. The "7 mph fastball" will make it easy for folks of all skill levels to enjoy. Plus a full bar, live music, high end 'ballpark' food, virtual batting cages that can judge your exit velocity and launch angle to rate your swings and more could make for a fun night out.

Will this idea catch on and grow? Well...so far, according to some reports, Home Run Dugout has raised about $10 million in financing. Will this be the next big craze in America? Who knows. But Topgolf has about 80 or so locations worldwide and constantly seems to be expanding. And, from the sounds of things, those in Texas seem to love the concept of Home Run Dugout. They got the greatest Texan to ever play the game behind them. I'd say the sky is the limit. Hopefully, they open one in Shreveport-Bossier or Tyler so we can check it out!

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